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A 43-year-old mom from San Mateo was flagged by Whiterabbit’s state-of-the-art AI during her first screening mammogram on April 5, 2019. Our Real Time Radiology uses AI to triage high priority mammogram screens for radiologists who read them in real time and provide results to consumers in minutes. Any subsequent follow ups, if required, are scheduled on the same day to reduce the woman’s wait time from weeks to under 48 hours.

Learn the story of the impact our Real Time Radiology had on her.

Whiterabbit’s AI detected the first cancer in a woman on April 25, 2019. In collaboration with an imaging center in the San Francisco area, our AI found cancer in Barbara. Thanks to our triage system, her radiologist and the clinical team were able to swiftly orchestrate follow up procedures including providing her a same-day ultrasound and scheduling her biopsy. Barbara avoided weeks of anxiety by receiving timely results that led to an early diagnosis.

Learn how our AI enables follow up care to be done much faster and more compassionately.


Whiterabbit is an ambitious undertaking with very personal origins for co-founder Rakesh Mathur. While first looking into AI, he received news that his father was diagnosed with stage-four cancer.

“I decided while we were looking after him at my home in California that I should do something to help others,” he says. “It all happened very quickly, but afterwards I decided I could make a difference to the early detection of cancer. So Whiterabbit was born,” he recalls.