Leading-edge Technology That is Changing Cancer Detection

On April 25, 2019, in collaboration with an imaging center in the San Francisco area, our AI was able to detect a cancer mass in a patient named Barbara, whose name we’ve changed for privacy purposes.

While she was still in the clinic, Barbara’s radiologist was able to inform her of the tumor that was found. This allowed Barbara to have a personal conversation with her radiologist that helped her understand what was happening and empowered her to decide on the next steps.

In radiology clinics across the country today, it may take days before a radiologist can read a screening mammogram. If there is an abnormal finding, the woman then needs to schedule and come back for a diagnostic mammogram. If that is abnormal, she then needs to schedule and come back again for a biopsy. The woman and her family endure more than a month of distress before the health care system can determine if she has cancer.

Whiterabbit's Real-Time Radiology (RTR) applies proprietary AI to breast cancer screening to prioritize and expedite results for women. With RTR, the turnaround time is within minutes, enabling follow up procedures to be done as soon as possible, often within hours.

Thanks to our AI-powered triage system, her radiologist and the clinical team were able to swiftly orchestrate follow up procedures including providing Barbara a same-day ultrasound and scheduling her biopsy. Since Barbara was on a medication, she needed to wait three days before getting her biopsy. For most women, the process is even shorter.

Barbara was very appreciative of the clinic staff for her experience. RTR enables them to do everything they can to serve her and reduce as much stress as they can for her.

Her radiologist commented, “RTR is still evolving. This is a cutting-edge technology that has a lot of potential and will change the way we deliver health care to women and make it a more positive experience. It’s the first software that is positioned to truly change the clinical workflow to help women.”

Our goal at Whiterabbit is to eliminate suffering by improving lives through early and more accurate cancer detection. We’re realizing this goal every day through delivering women their breast health results earlier. We’re eliminating weeks of anxiety from waiting for answers. We’re informing them of their diagnosis sooner to empower them to make decisions about their care and treatment. And ultimately, with more timely diagnosis we hope to improve outcomes, by enabling patients to start treatment earlier when it is less harmful and more effective.